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What is Grip6?

The Grip6 Belt Company, based in Utah, manufactures high-quality belts and accessories right here in the USA. They're dedicated to this, and according to founder BJ Minson, it's been a fantastic choice. Making products domestically pushes them to be innovative and strive for excellence because many necessary processes are hard to find or not available in the US.

To meet their needs, Grip6 has designed and built special manufacturing machines tailored to their products and processes. They use only top-notch materials like T6 aluminum and solid carbon fiber for their buckles. Their webbing is crafted from a custom-designed, high-tensile nylon that's incredibly strong—able to withstand 3000 lbs of force while being lightweight.

BJ's belt design is super sleek and minimalist, making for a product that not only looks fantastic but works exceptionally well too. Grip6 has built a loyal customer base over the years, thanks to their quality products and unwavering commitment to customer service. Want to see for yourself? Give a Grip6 belt a try today and feel the difference.

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